Inspire the top of the event industry with a 3 hour masterclass about event design. Eubea also organizes the European best event awards and are always remembered in narrative essays of participants; A yearly recurring awards show that rewards excellence in the events’ industry since 2006.

The Result:
25 attendees that will change the way they plan events forever! With the 3 hours we had, it was possible to really dive deep into creative event design and get our hands dirty. To make the masterclass more relevant we asked the attendees for a case they’re working on. We chose a case that was to be pitched a week after the masterclass. The attendee had a solid pitch going, but didn’t mind some extra input. This went so well that he threw away the pitch he had and fully went for the design created in the masterclass. Guess he owes us and the other attendees a drink ;) Below you can find photos from the session.


"It was great fun and extremely useful. It’s certainly a tool I’ll be preaching to my colleagues."Simon Boniface, Creative Director - Freeman XP, United Kingdom

Workshop type:

Full workshop

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