Mission & Vision

Event StoryBoard was founded in 2015 as a result of a simple observation: Audiences expect to be engaged, connected and amazed during their event experience, but events are struggling to do so. They want to share paper essays https://papermasters.org/ afterwards. This need led Tim Corporaal and Martijn Timmermans to create a vision for storytelling event design and a canvas to support it. With our easy to use, fast and visual design approach, events can become amazing experiences that are meaningful, unique and best of all: more personalised to the audience. We’re on a mission to create a world full of memorable experiences!

Step 1 - What are your goals?

Setting your goals for the event is an important first step in any design process. It sets all stakeholders on the right track and makes it easy to quickly check if you’re going the right way with the design.

Step 2 - When are you satisfied?

A goal for the event is important, but even more important is having a clear goal. Let’s make that baby measurable!

Step 3 - Who’s your customer?

Now that we have the companies goals it’s time to focus on the participants of the event. A good persona based on the empathy map will give you everything you need as a foundation to start designing.

Step 4 - Let’s get designing!

Step 4 offers a clean sheet of paper that enables you to design without any limitations! With step 1,2 & 3 in mind we start building the events’ story, step by step, as seen through the eyes of your participants. It’s the storyboard, the blueprint, of your event.

Step 5 - What does the event achieve? (ROI)

You’re almost done! A good design process is nothing without keeping your ROI in mind. Step 5 is an analysis of the participants after the event. You analyse the changes they have been through during your designed event. Is the change in line with your and their goals and your brand? If yes, you’re done, if not, it’s back to the drawing board!

Download the Event Storyboard Canvas Download