The official launch of the Event StoryBoard!

The official launch of the Event StoryBoard! All the buildup, tryouts and speculations were coming together in one moment. The timeframe was as sharp as they get. 60 minutes for an introduction workshop (a normal workshop takes at least 4 hours!). Quite the challenge, specialy with only 2 facilitators on site. But hey, with proper design everything is possible right?

The Result:
Amazing! The interest in the ESB canvas was literally overwhelming. We had a workshop room called the Think Tank which could hold up to 40 attendees. However, more than 40 people were interested, resulting in people having to stand outside of the workshop area! Inside, 8 groups created 8 amazing ideas for next years IBTM. The athmosphere was amazing and we couldn’t think of a better launch of the Event StoryBoard canvas. Watch out world, here we come!

Workshop type:

Launch workshop

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