Fresh Event 2015

This was our very first tryout session for the Event StoryBoard. Up to this point we had come up with the canvas, but were yet to test it out. We needed to see if others were sharing our vision in event design in order to know if it was worth the time to invest in further development.

What better place to test the canvas than the Fresh Conference. A place where eventprofs from all over the industry come to seek innovation in meetings. We talked to the organisation of Fresh and got given a 90min time slot to test our brand new canvas.

The Result:
The test was a success! The room was almost filled, meaning there was an interest in the new design vision we presented and in the canvas (that hadn’t seen any attention before the conference). We got a lot of very enthusiastic feedback from the attendees along with some pointers on improvement. The enthusiastic feedback and interest convinced us that this is something the event world is ready for. We also took note of the improvements as they are now part of the workshops! Below you can find quotes from the feedback we received as well as photos from the session.


"A great workshop which showed a fun way of designing events without limitations. It was a good way of seeing the whole group participating and ideas bouncing off each other." - Nicole Maragh, Event executive @ Green Power Conference - United Kingdom
"An inspiring technique to let a group of people co-create the design of an event." - Lene Bornemann, CEO & Creative facilitator @ Arts in business - Denmark
“A nice tool for yourself and also for your client, to hold up a mirror, gather input and ideas and bring focus: What is really the goal of the event and how do i achieve this? ” - Holger Omlor, Senior Projectmanager @ HOEZO! Projectmanagement & Congresorganisatie - Netherlands

Workshop type:

Test workshop

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